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Telaya Wine Co. set to move alongside Boise River

Telaya Wine Co. set to move alongside Boise River
By Eric Degerman, April 3, 2015

GARDEN CITY, Idaho — Earl and Carrie Sullivan of Telaya Wine Co., will announce today that they have completed a deal to build a winery and tasting room next to the Boise River and the Riverside Hotel in this bedroom community of the Idaho state capital.

“It’s been surreal,” Earl Sullivan told Great Northwest Wine. “This is a huge opportunity for Telaya with the largest hotel in the state of Idaho as our next-door neighbor and people being able to use the Greenbelt as an avenue to bike to our winery.

“This will fit in with everything that’s happening in Garden City around the wine and craft beverage industry, and the city officials have been wildly supportive of us moving to this location,” Sullivan added.