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Last month I had the chance to spend a few days exploring the Snake River Valley AVA with the Idaho Wine Commission. My private Idaho wine tour opened my eyes to more varietals and amazing wines being produced in the United States. I’m finding more and more intrigue in wines produced here in areas outside of California, Organ and Washington. This country is so vast, with many different climates able to produce a huge amount of varietals. I’ve often found myself wondering just how the wine world would be if Prohibition had not killed the wine industry in the United States back in 1920’s. Alas, that’s for another post…or book.

While the wines in Idaho were the draw for my trip, I found the winemakers we met with just as much, if not more intriguing. These men – and a lot of women – are truly pioneers. They’re shaping what this young wine industry will become…and working to put Idaho on the country’s – and the world’s – wine map.