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Idaho Statesman - Coiled Wines is opening a tastin


Coiled Wines is taking two big steps forward by creating a new tasting room in Downtown Boise and opening its own production facility in nearby Garden City.

“Like our previous move, this is purely amicable and a sign of thriving businesses,” winemaker/co-owner Leslie Preston said. “Although I always said I did not want to own my own building, Coiled and Translations continue to grow, so it is time to take this next step.”

The satellite tasting room is intended to give wine club members another option and will also showcase both of Preston’s wine brands by reaching out to Downtown Boise shoppers. Her new Bannock Street retail outlet will be a short walk from the Capitol. Coiled is moving into the spot at 813 W. Bannock Street that is being vacated by A Cupcake Paradise.

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