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Idaho Statesman - Cinder winery had me


My first sips of Idaho wine were poured from bottles of 2011 and 2012 Cinder Viognier about four years ago this month. There was a lot riding on those first impressions for me. Viognier and I have a history, so to speak, and this was my introduction to Idaho wine.

The spunky, distinctive floral nose, soothing viscosity, and tangy fruit and honey notes of Viognier set it apart from other whites. We speak of “big” reds, but Viognier is a large-and-in-charge white that you are lucky to swirl and swish whenever you get a chance. When people tell me they drink only red wine, I eventually manage to slip a glass of this Rhone varietal under their noses, and then challenge them to take a sip of the golden juice and and tell me it is just another wedding-shower white.

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