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Northwest Wines: Best of the Best


In November, we conducted our 12th annual Platinum Judging, what we have dubbed, "the best of the best in the great Northwest".

Last week, we shared some of the top wines from British Columbia’s Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, which won six Platinums in the 12th competition. This week, we will look at some of the best wines from Washington, Oregon and Idaho, along with brief descriptions.

Wines are eligible to enter the Platinum if they are from the Northwest and have won gold medals in any of about 35 professionally judged competitions around the world. We bring in top judges from as far away as Georgia and California (as well as the Northwest) to evaluate the wines under blind conditions, meaning they do not know the producer or the price.

Many of these wines are still available. To purchase, check with your favorite wine merchant or contact the winery directly.

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