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Salt Lake Magazine - Taste of Two Idahos

Travel: Taste of Two Idahos

April 30, 2013

Never mind the potatoes. If wine industry forecasters are right, grapes are going to be Idaho’s next famous crop. And right now, at the beginning of the story, is the best time to visit. To get a real taste of the possibilities, in the glass and in the field, split your trip between Boise and Caldwell, just a 30-minute drive from the capital city and the center of the Canyon County Wine Country. Idaho’s not-yet-world-famous Snake River American Viticultural Area, or AVA, has great volcanic soil and the perfect weather to grow grapes: Warm-to-hot days that ripen the fruit to maximum sugar with cooling nights that keep the acids high. But from a visitor’s point of view, a good part of the appeal is the vineyards’ proximity to Boise, where local wine is served in boutique restaurants along with local food. In other words, it’s easy to enjoy a taste of both worlds.